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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ian, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. SlimAlamo

    SlimAlamo New Member

    Hi, New here.

    Just wanted to say "Hi" and I guess introduce my self and ask a couple questions.

    I have had a small amount of web design experience, but nothing that I would call significant. I can use photoshop to create something that looks decent and use dreamweaver to put it together in html. I don't know how to create a form, and only recently looked up what PHP and MySQL is. I used an older version of Dreamweaver back when I had dabbled in the subject, and in the newest version that I obtained I had to 'figure out' CSS to 'recreate' some of the things I used to do. CSS doesn't seem too complicated or difficult, especially with dreamweaver, but I hadn't used it before.
    I saw in a thread on here, someone said something about learning HTML5 instead of using tables. I use a lot of tables. It's the backbone of my pages. I looked up HTML5 but I don't get how it could replace tables.
    I don't know much, if anything, about Javascript.

    I've considered in the past pursuing something in web design, but I think it's obvious that there are many people out there who are a lot more skilled and knowledgeable than I am, which is intimidating.
    I moved at the beginning of this year and the town I am in seems to have a lack of "onlineness" if you get what I'm saying. We were looking up apartments online, pretty much out only knowledge of the town we moved too, and only found 3 apartment complexes with websites, and google earth gave us the phone numbers of just a couple other. There are like 20 in this town. One of the three websites is horrible and even with my 'sub-par' skills I could create something 10 times better!

    I'm interested in learning more about web design and I want to know what PHP and MySQL is and how to use it as well as Javascript and PHP and all of that stuff. I considered Phoenix Online college but I'm not sure, and if I were to pursue that, I'd be better off waiting a year or two. And I'm sure there is a way for me to become a 'pro' without college. There are probably 5 year olds who can do more than me at this point. Maybe that's exaggerating. Maybe. I haven't really looked into any other books than the "for Dummies". I should look into other books too.

    I know you'll tell me to search this forum for information, and there is a pinned thread in one spot that had some useful info for me.
    I guess what I'd be interested in from you is - are there any good books out there that I should consider? Of all the info I could find, maybe someone could point me to a couple of the "best" things pertaining to what I've talked about.

    I've put a little something together for the apartment complex that has a POS website and I'm debating going in there and showing it to them to see if they'd be interested in a little upgrade. I figured that I could get a server on godaddy for $82/yr and I put together a figure of about 50-60 dollars to do a site for these people which would include 1yr hosting and management. Does that sound reasonable to you guys? I thought if I was able to get 5 local businesses as clients it would be a couple pennies in my pocket.

    I look forward to learning and being a part of this community. Thank you for any advice and help!!!
  2. CheckeredMike

    CheckeredMike New Member

    Hey I'm Michael and I'm trying to become a Freelance web designer and so I need a lot of help. :p
  3. teddygigil

    teddygigil New Member

    Hola everyone!! Como es usted?
    I am a newbie and I'm glad to be here in this forum.
    Eventually, I can be part of this society. To me life is an art and art is life.
    I'm excited to meet new people here and eventually, exchange thoughts, ideas, share some really good stuffs here. So, see you around guys!
  4. NadiaCweb

    NadiaCweb New Member

    Hey Nadia C.

    Glad to be here!

  5. disenoweb

    disenoweb New Member

    Just want to introduce myself

    Hey there!
    I couldnt find a section of introduction, so I thought maybe this is the right place. If introductions arent wanted in this forum just delete my post and give me some privatemessage so that I can recognize my fault ;)

    My english isnt the best so I hope you will understand me and I can improve it during take part of this community.

    Im from Mexico and here arent any good webdesign communitys. So I just searched in Google for some englishspeaking communitys because i would like to become feedback to my work and to talk and discuss about releated topics.

    Im currently working for this mexican webdesign company. Maybe I will open another thread to review this design because I had done some parts of it.

    Im interested in everything webdesign releated. Such like HTML and CSS, the Designpart and even Search Engine Optimization. Really important for me is to learn new tecniques like CSS3 and HTML5.

    I have good knowings of HTML, CSS and jQuery and i also love to use Photoshop and Fireworks to make my webdesigns.

    So I hope to find here some people to talk and to learn something new. If someone has a question feel free to ask :) maybe about mexico or the webdesign business here ;)

    Greetings from the sun =)
  6. dgheorghe

    dgheorghe New Member


    Hi,guys!Just stop here to say "Hello",like my mother told me when I was a little kid:"When you come in someone home first word must be "Hello" :).If I post in the wrong forum,please forgive me,I'm new here.Hope to find good tips and tricks to improve my website and also talk with people about our lives.A nice day for all!
  7. FSI

    FSI New Member

    Another hello from me! I'm a full-time webmaster from the UK.
  8. frigeants

    frigeants New Member

    Hi everyone. I am glad to belong here now.
  9. ausweb

    ausweb New Member

    Hello to everyone! :) This is Mae from Australia! I'm excited to be part of our new project web design services that will be launching soon!. I'm here to learn how to handled web design site. So expect me to participate on this forums... ;)
  10. 2113Web

    2113Web New Member

    I own my own Web Design and Development firm ( and coming here hoping to pick up a few tricks and become a valuable member of the community.
  11. iamshawnrice

    iamshawnrice New Member

    Hope all are well.
  12. David Bone

    David Bone New Member

    May be helpful for us.I am feeling comfort as a new member in this forum.
  13. ThijssjihT

    ThijssjihT New Member


    Hi, my name is Thijs Janssen. I'm 22 years old, and live in the Netherlands (a country in Europe).
    I do website design as a hobby, and usually for myself or relatives, but I think I'm almost as good as the avarage professional. I have knowledge of SQL, html, css, php and javascript.
  14. Alnitech

    Alnitech New Member

    Hey! I'm new here. Hope to useful to the community ;)
  15. leejason86

    leejason86 New Member

    Junespring Multimedia

    Good day! My name is Jay Arenas from Illinois, Illinois, Chicago. I'm a newbie here. I want to be part of this forum because I want to learn more and of course to share my knowledge.

    Best Regards,

    logo development
  16. MrPolarZero

    MrPolarZero New Member

    Hello everyone.. Also new here.. :)
  17. michaelgee123

    michaelgee123 New Member

    Hey guys, new to the forum and it seems pretty informative. Good job!
  18. pixelsperpage

    pixelsperpage New Member


    Newbie here! Looks like everyone's nice here! :)
  19. Hostspage

    Hostspage New Member

    Hello, I am from USA. Just want to say hi to all of forum members.
  20. Valcomp

    Valcomp New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm new on WDF and I would like to learn some more about building websites!

    I will search for information, but I can also give information..

    See you on WDF.


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