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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ian, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I would like to welcome all new members to the forum.
    If you would like to introduce yourself to members of the forum, and you have over 10 posts, please do so in this thread.
    Other members are requested not to keep posting welcome, as it clutters the thread, and I am welcoming all new members in this initial post.
  2. WebbyD

    WebbyD New Member

    Meh I just wanted to say the forum is awesome! Its very helpful and active which is always a plus!
  3. oldgamesware

    oldgamesware New Member

    Hello there, I am new in this site. The site is nice and its user-friendly.
  4. jackson.son9

    jackson.son9 Banned

    Hey every one
    My name is Jack son and I am here for getting some information..
  5. branda.steve

    branda.steve New Member

    Hey every one,
    I am new in here and I want to say hi to all of the members.
    My name is Branda and I am looking forward to learn new things in this forum.
  6. sylvia.chris

    sylvia.chris New Member

    hi all,

    I am a new member and I wanted to say hi. this forum is very nice.
    see you around.
  7. moodeyit

    moodeyit New Member

    Hi all. just joined. hope to talk to lots of others on here
  8. Code My Concept

    Code My Concept New Member


    You could say I'm new because I rarely post but I do visit the forum quite often. I'm Grace BTW. Nice meeting you all.

    I have a question and don't really know where to ask: Does anyone clean up the pills spam I find everywhere in the forum?

    Is really shame because this is a really nice source and well, that spam is just in the way.
  9. anna

    anna New Member

    Hi Grace! Usually, the spam is cleaned up right away; I'm surprised it's so out of control. That GideonMC is driving me crazy with all his prescription crap!! Well, welcome to the forum!
  10. kaduna500

    kaduna500 New Member

    Hi to all active members, am new here and the site is good.
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  11. james786

    james786 New Member

    I had recently join this site. I am James Thomasn, I am from Australia but right now i am in India for my business. Its very interesting and useful. I wanna to be here very often. Its my first post here. Admin feel free to remove it if it is on wrong place.
  12. jrecinto

    jrecinto New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm here because I recognize the need of a great web design to the success of a site. So I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you guys and hopefully, I get to pitch in with helpful information as well!
  13. ccironny

    ccironny New Member

    I suppose I shall introduce myself. Really looking for some good web designers out there, hopefully I can pick up a few things. I'm not very experienced as far as web publishing goes.
  14. lonelytree

    lonelytree New Member

    new here~ hopefully everyone is fine :)
  15. mandyjune

    mandyjune New Member

    Hi guys! glad to be on this forum with y'all! Looking forward to learn all there's to know about web design :)
  16. Matthew Wilson

    Matthew Wilson New Member

    This seems like an active, not so techy (not my type, but it's okay. :] )
    I hope I can help the blogger's of this website with my own website - KeepYourBlog.

    And I hope I can get some advice too.
  17. GeneticOpera

    GeneticOpera New Member

    Hi guys, I'm new here and to web design. I'm taking classes and trying my best so I hope to get help and be of help on this site. I've taken two beginning design classes, just started DreamWeaver last month, and am goign to enroll in Visual Basics at the end of this month.

    All my sites are charity sites that I create for free- but I always feel really bad when the website looks poorly done as the people who own the charities are always working so hard and I feel like I fall short. I've recently recieved a request from and am going to post my version of that website as soon as the previous designer sends me the hosting information.
  18. pak001man

    pak001man New Member

    Hi there all, new here hope I can learn new things. Cheers.
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  19. fileextension

    fileextension New Member

    file extension

    hello everyone. I am new in this forum. I hope I could share new ideas that could help this site and could meet new people in this forum.
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  20. bcee

    bcee New Member

    Well. Kind of new here, I am a designer and front-end developer who recently moved from a Senior Flash Development role into my own freelance business.

    Here is my Online Portfolio, though it is 2+ years old, I plan a major overhaul soon.

    Cheers! Love this forum.
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