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I would like to ask you about shared SEO hosting services. What I need is shared hosting with different C-class IPs. At the moment I managed to find only LINK DROP REMOVED What do you think of them?
Are they good?
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IMO it's not that bit of a deal any more. I would say I would have your sites on different IP. If you provider has different servers in different places that would be best. I would just not set up 20 sites on the same server with different IP and link them all together.


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As long as you choose what seems to be a reputable hosting service, then you don't need to worry about the C Class IP that you're hosted on. I would recommend you to choose hostgator, siteground or inmotion ( that are perfectly fine choices.

Your C Class IP will only affect you if very shady/spammy site's are hosted alongside yours. Even then, we do not know how significant of an impact it has.


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Please, IP classing hasn't existed since 1995 when CIDR was first introduced, try and get up to date.


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There no more IP classing, better read more than just make posts.
If you want to do SEO website you should start with advertising.


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SEO hosting uses traditional and non-traditional methods to improve the optimization of a website, increasing traffic and sales. It is a type of web hosting that improves the SEO of a website—with the purpose of increasing the searchability of the site, thus generating more sales.