Popularity of Dreamweaver

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Maxchen, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Almo99

    Almo99 New Member

    I think that Dreamweaver is far superior to Frontpage too. A new web designer's best bet is to learn Dreamweaver.
  2. ccironny

    ccironny New Member

    I've started using dreamweaver and it's pretty nice. I downloaded a video tutorial going over all the key features. It's a pretty easy program to use.
  3. BradT81

    BradT81 New Member

    People say DW is hard but once you get the hang of it it is really easy. There are many extra features that you probably wont even need to touch.
  4. wixer

    wixer New Member

  5. Almo99

    Almo99 New Member

    Lynda.com has some awesome tutorials too if you want to learn Dreamweaver or design applications.

    Frog on Top ~ los angeles web design
  6. LouTheDesigner

    LouTheDesigner New Member

    I use dreamweaver split-view all the time. I used to use GoLive, but Dreamweaver is just amazing for file organization.

  7. RenaissanceMan

    RenaissanceMan New Member

    Dreamweaver's ok...

    But a bit bloated, in my opinion. It tries to do everything and to some degree it succeeds, but at the expense of not doing any one thing particularly well.

    Nobody who's serious about knowing their stuff uses Design View, because it outputs bloated, table-based layouts. I've used it in Code View and the autocomplete is pretty good, but nothing you wouldn't get in Aptana.

    What is handy is the file management, especially since CS4 where they included Subversion integration.

    The ability to FTP from within the IDE is also good, but performance doesn't stand up to a dedicated FTP client (my favourite is FileZilla).

    For backend stuff I tend to use Netbeans or Zend Studio for Eclipse.
  8. WebDesign

    WebDesign New Member

    Dreamweaver is good software, if you are going to work with CSS and HTML but if you are thinking to use PHP or ASP.net etc as well then I'd suggest try Eclipse.
  9. nedo

    nedo New Member

    for someone like me, who is not experienced programmer, I believe that Dreamweaver is perfect place to strat learning how to, or even completely build their website.
  10. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    dreamweaver v frontpage is a non event.
    one produces compliant code - one does not.
    its as simple as that for me.
    I will never ever again use frontpage. id rather eat my own faeces.
  11. zach

    zach Member

    Dreamweaver is industry standard, but I prefer Notepad++.
  12. ronaldroe

    ronaldroe Super Moderator Staff Member

    I only just now switched from Notepad++. I started using Aptana, but switch back from time to time. I've had Dw for years... still collecting dust.
  13. che09

    che09 New Member

    I agree, Dream Weaver is popular! But I know it serves just right,as DW really is a big help!
  14. BMA

    BMA Banned

    The newer versions of Dreamweaver support CSS very well. In fact the design view of CS4 and CS5 forces users into CSS at times when it is not the most efficient avenue. Dreamweaver is so flexible that it will give you fits if you don't learn the basics of html on notepad or Notepad++ first. I'm constantly going into the code to see how Dreamweaver attempted to code my design and fixing Dreamweaver's guesses. I only make about one website per month, so Dreamweaver is very handy, because I would otherwise have a hard time remembering every exact command. If you're making websites daily, you will eventually find that you're more efficient with Notepad++, without the limitations of a WYSIWYG interface. However, to get started or to make websites only periodically, Dreamweaver is a great tool.

    I also like that Dreamweaver comes with the best tutorial Adobe has ever made. You can actually learn how to start and complete a project with the tutorial!! I don't think Adobe has ever done that before or since.
  15. covandy

    covandy New Member

    From experience it seems like a lot of older more experienced web developers prefer not to use dreamweaver. I always use it though!
  16. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member

    There's no doubt about DW's popularity! As,it is easy to use and I prefer DW as well!! :)
  17. leroy30

    leroy30 New Member

    Visual studio 2008 and I code it all by hand rather than using the designer. I get much cleaner html this way and it means I can make use of master pages and ASP.net for web applications.
  18. krymson

    krymson Member

    ROFL!!!!!:D Too true. First you need to start out in notepad or textwrangler, the upgrade to Dreamweaver. got to www.pixel2life.com they have EVERYTHING there for tuts. Dreamweaver alot of hardcore coders will say its for babies but i like the fact that i can see my design come to life without saving and refreshing the browser every five seconds and then you can set up the layout in code view and fill in the text in desing view and it creates code and everything for you.
  19. AK Web Design

    AK Web Design New Member

    I started learning in Dreamweaver so that's what I stick with now.
  20. peterjames24

    peterjames24 New Member

    Dreamweaver is still one of the most popular web desisn/wysiwyg editors on the commercial market.Through Dreamweaver we can easily make all types of web designs.

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