Where can I start working as a freelancer with wordpress


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I am currently working for a company as a Web Designer and I am looking for an online job as a freelancer in accordance with my profession.


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WordPress developers have the most versatile skillset in the world.
Approximately 60 million websites run on WordPress, and behind the development of each website the creativity of the WordPress Developer is there.

Here are the General Steps of Freelance WordPress Development:

  1. Requirement Gathering- In this step they will gather all the information regarding the website functionalities and the design requirements.
  2. Choose the themes or start the designing part of the website from scratch.
  3. After the confirmation of designing they will start the working on the functionalities of the website. They will install and setup the plugins according to your need.
  4. After completion of the Designing and the Development part they need to optimize the site for better performance.