what is CTR? how to Boost it?


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CTR = Click Through Rate/Ratio

It is the comparison or ratio of impressions (number of views for an advert) to the number of times visitors have 'clicked' through to the target URL.

How to improve it? .... Write better, more compelling adverts.


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Click through ratio (CTR) is the ratio of users who clicked at the particular link to the no. of users who view a page or advertisement.
1. Research long-tail keywords
2. Write effective meta descriptions
3. Implement structured data
4. Create posts with images
5. Use descriptive URLs
6. Simplify your title format
7. Localize your content


If you want to achieve lower CTR you can decrease cost per click for particular keywords or ad group, or second option is to write less relevat ads with weaker call to action.

This actions should decrease your CTR but if you drecrease you CTR . I can expect lower quality score and this will lead to higher CPC in general.