website design speed problem

wessal adel

New Member
A programmer on our site he is on the WordPress platform and he installed a paid template but I meet a big problem which is the speed of the website
The website is very slow, which gives a bad experience to the servants.
Ask me how to solve the problem of site speed. Do by compressing images or by using the famous WordPress add-ons... I added w3total cache but it did not affect the speed of the site permanently
Thanks for everybody


James Anderson

New Member
We usually face this problem with Wordpress website. I suggest you buy WP rocket this is the best plugin for website speed optimization all other plugins like W3 total cache, auto optimize are so poor. On the other hand, if you want to do the code and images minification manually then you must have a good knowledge of coding or you can hire an expert.
We generally face speed issue due to various reason listed below:

Images small size
Avoid Cdn link as it may cause load on site
Use lazy loader load images so that it can load the images smoothly
CSS should be minified along with custom JS.
Try to use predefined text in classes to avoid clashes between custom CSS and the CSS framework.