webdesing not as simple as you thought :)


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Web designers have in 2017 the task of combining a distinctive design with a pleasant user experience. Not an easy task if you ask me.

Fortunately, modern browsers offer more and more opportunities to release a web pages. We see for example that designers are inspired by glossy print and special typography. Others choose once again for gentle, soothing colors and material design.

The desire to stand out is often at odds with developments in recent years as small screens, responsive design and use of standard templates. This resulted in recent years more and more uniform web. In 2017, we see happy again more enthusiasm, attention to detail and a stronger desire for originality.

A good change, we also find that web designers increasingly prioritize the user. After all, hears all the user experiences in the design. Not just how it looks, but also whether the website is fast and intuitive navigation.

Web design moves towards a more human and user-friendly direction.
An important role here is played by the content. Which is becoming increasingly reflects the personality of a brand.

What are your thoughts on this?


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Web design moves towards a more human and user-friendly direction.
And about time too.

Other than that your post is discordant, badly worded and full of grammatical errors to the point where it makes almost no sense at all, I would suggest NOT using 'article spinners' and/or auto translation tools, and just write things for yourself.

For example;
we see happy again more enthusiasm,
What on earth is this supposed to say???