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Discussion in 'Requests' started by s_m_w_d, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. s_m_w_d

    s_m_w_d New Member

    Hello all im Stephen Murphy Iv been meaning for ages to join since I saw it on computerforum.com,

    Basiclly I need an experienced web designer to do a once off job to fit a new feature into my existing webpage.

    My Page:
    My page is a clan site (I know :rolleyes: ) which was made from a template cause I really didnt have the time to write out a whole new webpage.

    Well First off im running a server of my newly build gaming rig to run a Swat 4 server and Im a specially made software that tracks the points of all players who join then the server,then the software uploads the info in a .txt file document to the hoster server we use for are webpage (www.tactical-experts.co.uk)

    What im looking to do:
    What I was hoping to do is be able to change that info from the .txt file into a table on a stats page.

    I know there are a few limits such as the program can only save and upload the file as .txt my hoster doesnt not provide any MySQL Database setup and I do hold doubts of if this is possible but Iv seen another clan have it on there page.

    So thats my story If anyone has any queries dont hesitate id also like some feedback on Whether anyone thinks my idea is feasible, If anyone is interested please email me at admin[at]tactical-experts.co.uk also If I could get a quote on the cost of doing all this.

    Thank you,
    Stephen Murphy
  2. ablaye

    ablaye New Member


    I am interested in this offer. I will send you an email so we can discuss this further.
  3. s_m_w_d

    s_m_w_d New Member

    I haven't heard back from ablaye yet is anyone else interested?
  4. jeverd01

    jeverd01 New Member

    Hmm the website is down, I assume your server is down. Do you have php capabilites on your server. If so this sounds really simple to do, and I would be willing to do this for a small fee. The txt file shouldn't be a problem at all. Let me know if you still need help my email is [email protected]

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