USPS Shipping labels (10% referral system)


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Tired of spending too much on postal services?

Become another satisfied client of our team! Having a unique framework agreement with USPS, we can offer the lowest shipping labels market price.

Register at our site, contact support if you have any questions, we are willing to answer them.

Our website for contacts and support:

If you have a large weekly shipping volume, we can lower the label price even more.

Also we have a affilate/referral system, pay from 10% for each sale 1 time a week, all payments in trc20.

If a person you referred created a shipment on our platform for postage amount worth $1000 per labels you will receive $100.

Why you should choose

Competitive tiered commission rate.

High conversion rate.

Monthly extra bonus for the best affiliates who generates the most refer.

High-quality Service with best price.
USPS offers a convenient way to create shipping labels online with an easy-to-use interface. Their referral system offers a 10% discount on shipping for each successful referral. The program encourages users to share the benefits of USPS service while saving on shipping costs. It's a win-win for both frequent shipping customers and their contacts.