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Discussion in 'Scripts' started by chrisward, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. chrisward

    chrisward New Member

    Hi. I've just started my first site, www.eatleigh.com I built it on my Mac using QuarkXpress then converting to HTML. It looks fine on all five browsers on my machine, but some Windows users can't view images on Internet Explorer. I don't have a problem with IE on this machine and not everyone has this problem. I know all image files are in the correct folder on the server. I'm sure there's a simple solution. Please help!!! Chris
  2. Wickedself

    Wickedself New Member

    I think you should try to change the character set of the file. May be that will solve the problem. I am using windows and tested it in IE. Only one or two images are displayed.
  3. emopoops

    emopoops Banned

    no. it has to be rgb
  4. Lonny Earl

    Lonny Earl Banned

    One of the best JavaScript password protectors out there. Impossible to crack, because the logic behind it is to take you to the file name you have entered, meaning if you don't know the name of the password protected page, you will not get in.

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