Triathlon exercise benefits are not only limited to athletes


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The word "triathlon" comes from the Greek "treis" which means three and "athlos" which means competition. The beginning of this triathlon sport was held in France in the 1920s. Then in the 1970s, specific rules began to apply. However, the popularity of triathlon does not limit its audience only from among athletes. Anyone can now do triathlon exercises for an increasingly fit body.

Actually anyone can of course complete a triathlon as long as there is motivation and commitment. Because, this is not an extreme sport and the target can be achieved based on each class. So, people who are just starting to try triathlon, of course, the challenges are different from those who have competed for years.

Other variations of triathlon are duathlon which is a combination of running and cycling, and aquathlon which is running and swimming. Unlike swimming, cycling, or just running, triathlons are performed sequentially. The first is swimming, the second is cycling, and the third is running. The winner is the one who can finish the competition the fastest, including the transition time. Usually, triathlon sports are carried out in areas near open water such as rivers, lakes, or outdoor artificial ponds. Then continue with the bicycle route on the highway. While running is on the beach, on the ground, on the trail, or in the mountains. Considering that people who participate in triathlon competitions have to do three types of sports in a short time, the clothes they wear are special. These clothes dry quickly and do not interfere with movement so there is no need to change clothes in the middle of a competition.

When a person practices only one sport, the strength may become less balanced. But with triathlon training, you do cross-training because you have to prepare yourself for three sports at once. The result, of course, more optimal body strength.

For those who are looking to lose weight, triathlon training can help meet the recommended physical activity each week. Because, sports such as swimming, cycling, and running both have a common thread to burn calories.

Regularly doing moderate-intensity exercise will have a positive impact on heart health. Not only that, the quality of life also increases with a healthy body in general.

It's certainly satisfying when you cross the finish line and feel confident about your achievements so far. Remember, triathlon is not an impossible extreme sport. So, a light celebration after successfully committing and being motivated to complete a triathlon is certainly legitimate. These various benefits have also made triathlons become increasingly popular in recent years. In industry research published on Reuters, there has been a 60% increase in interest in triathlons in the last decade since 2013.

Physical strength certainly does not happen instantly. There needs to be consistent training for the three sports for at least the previous 8-12 weeks. The training program must also be structured so that speed and agility are optimal. In order to make it happen, of course you need consistency.

On the other hand, training must be interspersed with recovery or recovery. Allocate one day to rest or rest day. Over a longer period of time, reduce the volume of exercise every 3-6 weeks. Thus, the body can adapt well.

The motivation that underlies a person to consistently practice triathlon will be the fuel for the success of this sport. That is, it is closely related to motivation. In addition to consistency and regulating when to rest, it must also be accompanied by mental enthusiasm.

In addition to setting up a training plan to master triathlon, don't forget to look for ways to maximize motivation. Expectations should be positive but still realistic. Then, control what's in your realm, such as managing consistency and rest periods. If it's successful, triathlons will certainly provide three times more benefits than just pursuing one sport. Don't forget other important strategies such as putting equipment in a small area. , about the size of a small towel. The goal is to save time while keeping other athletes from using the area.

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