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  1. AainaA

    AainaA New Member

    Ready to earn great commissions on travel reservations & advertising?

    Direct customers to JayaWangsa Travel Lifestyle Magazine and earn commissions on travel arrangements & travel advertising. You decide how much you want to make and how much effort you want to put into the program. We will pay you a commission to tell everyone you know about all the great tours, accommodation and niche travel ideas on JayaWangsa Exclusive

    This is the perfect opportunity to make money working from home if you love traveling and love surfing the Internet. Use any means you want: instant messaging, chat rooms, blogging, forums, e-mails - anything except mass mailings {SPAM}.

    Just tell your friends, family, classmates, drinking buddies, traveling colleagues and everyone you know about and you will get a very generous commission.

    For more information, kindly visit JayaWangsa Exclusive

    Kind Regards,

  2. demondust

    demondust New Member

    really? i am interested. can you discuss a little how we get paid if we join? and really does this really work?
  3. AainaA

    AainaA New Member

    Sorry - this offer is no longer applicable - JayaWangsa's team is no longer supporting the site, since there hasn't been any activity for the past year.

  4. mithu143

    mithu143 New Member

    I'm from India, so can I join too. Please give a little more details.

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