Some World Cup fans here?


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hi guys,
i was wondering if there are some soccer fans in this forum?
My 3 favorites for this world cup:
1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. Japan



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Well, I am from Germany and live in the US, so obviously my top two are Germany and the USA teams. Unfortunately the US lost against Ghana yesterday, ending their chance of glory, but Germany is the is moving on to the top 8 after an excellent game against England today.


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I am an England fan, and as mentioned we are now out!

Overall though I think it was always going to happen, as soon as England played a decent side in Germany we got what we deserved a good beating, throughout the group stages we didn't look convincing but managed to get through.

The squad as a whole whilst playing never looked interested, it almost seems that we have an international team full of club players who are only interested in club success.