separating an object from background


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seems like an easy thing to do if the object is easy to select, right? i've seen tutorials for selecting objects like hair but what about a net or a basket or a tennis racket? or a wire container? seems like no matter which way i think about doing the action, its a pain to select all the wires in these group of pictures i need to photoshop. right now, i'm using the technique of quick mask mode, line tool and paint brush tool for the round edges. anybody have a suggestion on a faster way or a shortcut?


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Depends on what you need the final result for - if you need a vector out of it, I would use the pen tool. If you just need the selection, try doing a select by color - like so.


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I guess sometimes it's easier to use the pen tool, to select the small unwanted areas, like the space between grids in a basket, then hit the 'Del' button to remove pixels there. And for the larger areas you may use magic wand, however, to be accurate, it's better to set smaller tolerance, I sometimes even set it as '1px'. Hope these works for you.