Review my design : am I on the right track ?


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I'm currently working on a new design for my personal website.


I'm not finished at all but I need to get some feedbacks though for I'm going to something i'm not too familiar with : constrasting colors.

Overall I want something rather simple, even minimalist, but I'm thinking I could also end up with something a bit colorful.

What do you think ? Is the website readable enough for you ?

FYI I'm coming from this grey scale design :


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The prototype definitely looks more alive. I noticed you have a little tap on each link, if you click it, it will extend more content. I had no clue I was able to click on the tab. I bet a lot of people are going to miss out on your skills if they didn't notice that tab thing.


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Noticed this especially on your portfolio pages, but you're compressing images and it's affecting the experience for me:

Your portfolio screenshots are 900x499 sized images, and they're being squeezed down to fit 560x310px on my macbook's screen. I'm not sure they're optimized for web, either - either way, I think this would be an easy thing to fix. Right now I can literally see them loading on the page.

Otherwise, looks great! I am a fan of your original design ('flat' design is all the rage) but the new one has some nice color.

Keep up the good work!


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I don't Like the Fancy Font at all!! Remember that the people who visit your site might vision impaired...just a thought.