Quiz: Simple HTML?

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by GCupset, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. GCupset

    GCupset New Member

    Hello, my name is David,

    I am creating a website and I am having a bit of trouble with the HTML Coding Content on one of my pages that I desperately need to finish. I came here out of all the forums out there in hope that this will only take a few minutes...

    if you navigate to "http://genocidecrew.com/contact.html" you will see a comment field there that has the design in place, but not the HTML code. I would like to code this in simple HTML. It is a contact box with required fields. I would like this contact box to send to an email account that I have chosen, where the fields are submitted via email in ANY order that any of you guys can come up with...

    Thank you and have a good day,

    David Upset
  2. jman51

    jman51 New Member

    Try freeformmaker.com
  3. conor

    conor New Member

    not possible with soely HTML to my knowledge.

    In any case it certainly won't take only a few minutes for a beginner, no offense! It would take me a while to write one in PHP. I might post an example tomorrow if I get a chance.
  4. interwebmaniac

    interwebmaniac New Member

    yeah, PHP is definately the way to go here, there are some pretty sweet tutorials that can teach you how to do this.
  5. emopoops

    emopoops Banned

    no there isnt. the tutorials are rediculous ive seen them emailmeform works
  6. Lonny Earl

    Lonny Earl Banned

    I am getting totally insane here, i am trying to add a concert at MySpace for my GFs Band but i am not allowed to use any simple html tags like <br> or <b> </b>.
    The funny thing is, i could do it a few weeks ago, but now i cant even make word bold or anything. (and yes the code is write, i cant even post <b>test</b> - if i send this, mySpace will give me <b>test</b> instead of test written in bold letters)
    Doesnt anybody else have the same problem?

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