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Ok, I got some time to explore your site so I clicked the black box...
First of all; your homepage is your landing page, it's what the users see first.
It has to make the message clear that you design websites because you want to let your users know right away who you are and what you do, so seeing only a back box is confusing. The best way to do this I think is a header.
Also use good quality images.
I see the page is responsive when scaling down, but the content should't scale down so much that it is't readable anymore, and opening your site mobile doesn't give me any content at all!
You got a lot of tips on this post so I hope they can help you, I wish you good luck!:)


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What do you mean by the content isn't readable anymore?
As for the mobile side of things I don't need it to be viewable on mobiles, because I made this portfolio, because I'm going to apply for a web design university and they may ask for one.


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I don't need it to be viewable on mobiles

you really dont get it do you???

mobile browsers account for about 10% of global internet usage.
to put this in perspective, this is more than

IE7 +

this is going up by about 0.5-1% per month. So...by the time you go to university and finish your studies, mobile internet users will outweigh IE8, and more than likely put a pretty hefty dent in the share currently owned by both chrome and firefox.
some statistics suggest that in fact by 2015 mobile internet usage will be more than account for 50% of ALL internet users.

it doesnt work on mobiles because its flash.
another thing that a university would want to see in a "portfolio" is understanding of SEO concepts. as it stands this is what a search engine "sees" when it views your site


another thing they would be looking for is basic understanding of web concepts.

you have no doctype
you have no charset
and have deprecated elements in your html.
for a page with only 9 lines of code that is pretty embarrassing.

i'd seriously consider taking some of this advice onboard
1. ditch flash for good
2. learn html PROPERLY
3. learn CSS
4. learn jquery/javascript
5. learn SEO
6. learn simple basic graphic design concepts
7. learn how to write for mobile devices
and above all
8. learn how to take advice and criticism.


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As stated already, you need a call to action on the main page. I opened your link and sat there staring at a blank screen waiting for it to load for twenty seconds, when it was already done. Heck, have the thing scroll out after the page loads, it is an unnecessary step for your viewers to take.

Once I figured out what was going on, I clicked on your portfolio link and saw the images popped up, scrolled over and got a short description of the project - nice. So I instinctively click the image so I can see the project.... nothing happens. Not sure if you just haven't implemented this yet, but if it's a portfolio why can't I actually see your work? Not just a tiny screenshot.

Again, not mobile friendly.

I think the idea is good, but right now you just have an outline of what it could potentially be. Polish it up a bit.


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Please listen to all the people here who are trying to help you!!!

Your HOME page must contain some content!


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It's great that you like designing websites, but you need a lot more knowledge and experience before you start making websites for others

So keep learning and good luck!


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anything less than 1440x900 the text gets cut off.
thats not a good idea.

agree with annemarie. keep learning. but now isnt the time to offer sites for others.


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I like the idea of it. But you need to work on a lot. Perhaps, you should start on the box, put something that will show that it should be click. The grid indeed needs to be work out!


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Of couse i know that i need to learn a lot before i start making sites for others, i've been learning web design for a few months.
I wanted to see how this idea would work out, thats why i made this site.
As for the grid i don't have any experience with things like that, i'll try to implement it in my future designs.

Thanks to everyone for all the valuable advice!

EDIT: Here's the final version:

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Hello again,
So it's been a long time since I visited your forum.
Recently I decided to remake the portfolio, make it with a more standard layout.
Here's the link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/65424541/portnewnew/Portfolio/index.html

All types of advice and criticism and so on is welcome.
Note: I am not showing this portfolio to companies and so on , so some of the info is just to test out if it works(for example the skill level on the skill page).