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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by orangecopper, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. orangecopper

    orangecopper New Member

    Dear webmasters,

    I have launched a new Blogging Strategy and Internet marketing Blog. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the same.


    Thanks in advance
  2. flipperman

    flipperman New Member

    your site layout looks clean and easy to navigate and i would suggest to move your ads banner to the top of your sidebar to make it looks good
  3. orangecopper

    orangecopper New Member


    Hey Flipperman,

    Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate you taking out time.
    Ideally i am going to remove the ads off it as of now. Since this is a new website, i am not planning to use any ads for first 6 month - just content and more quality content. Further only i will think of monetizing.

    warm regards
  4. bcee

    bcee New Member

    Nice design and layout. First it loaded very slow but it may be my connection. I would try to make the header image have the same visual cues and styles as the rest of the site.
  5. orangecopper

    orangecopper New Member

    I have tested the connection speed, it seems to load fine. I will work on the header suggestion you have given. Appreciate you taking out time for suggestions.

    thanks again
  6. zach

    zach Member

    First off, lets not kid ourselves.

    You used a Wordpress Theme by Elegant Themes. No real point in addressing the design other than your header which doesn't match your theme at all.

    Header problems:
    • Font to small
    • To much text
    • Random placement of elements
    • Doesn't match the theme you used
    • Change your anchor to something more useful than 'header'
    • Image needs to be optimized

    Nothing I can really say on part of the design, since you didn't design it. I did review your coding and optimization techniques which could use some improvements.

    Coding and optimization problems:
    • To many HTTP request (50) - Combine background images, CSS and JavaScript files
    • No expire headers (Over 60 files) - If you add expire headers to all files, you will increase load times and reduce overall bandwidth usage
    • Compress components with GZIP - 7 plain text components that should be sent compressed
    • Optimize your CSS and Javascript Files
    • Compress any images to reduce total weight. You could be saving 77.57 KB of weight.
    • Reduce DNS lookups to at least 4

    Best of luck.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2011
  7. RobSmith

    RobSmith New Member

    I like your blog and you have interesting information there too. I think your posts could use some images though. The only images you have are the ones in your sidebar links. There are quite a few open source stock image sites where you could download a few pics. It wouldn't hurt.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2013
  8. orangecopper

    orangecopper New Member


    Thanks a ton buddy for taking out sometime to really review my blog. I will certainly start working on one by one, ive made it each as action items. Since this is the initial month, i had plans to work on optimization and load weight. Your review certainly helped.

    Thanks again!
    Cheers, Josh
  9. orangecopper

    orangecopper New Member


    Hey Rob,

    your suggestion is really good, but i wanted to keep it simple by not using much images, maybe more like a info library. I will certainly try putting up images and look for feed back. Thanks again buddy.

  10. zach

    zach Member

    I agree. I wouldn't add images just to add images. Keep it simple and use images when they add a function benefit to the user. I don't care for web sites that use pointless stock photography in each article.

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