Please review New automobile search engine OOYYO


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I have visited your site and I like it very much.
You have done such nice job.All the best :)


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correction, just reviewed it.
Its amazing idea, great design and speed is also good.
appriciate the "idea" firstly.

All the best to you :0


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My first impression was that it is an exact duplicate of Google, just by looking at the front page. Once doing a search for Subaru, I quickly realized that it is in fact nothing like Google. Definitely a cool idea and very nicely implemented. I would probably try and change up the front page a bit though to avoid giving the impression I got when I first looked at it.


As far as design is concerned it looks like a Google clone, other then the search results page. I can't find anything really wrong with it.

I do think the site will be a big hit. Best of luck!


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I agree that it looks like a google clone, but what is offered when you enter a search is pretty sweet! Create some graphics that can separate the home page from google and i think you are well on your way.