Personal Web design - what do you think?


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I finally solved the menu issue, and using no scripts! Pure CSS animated submenu (I really love CSS3).

However, now I'm into another problem. See the browser icons on the bottom of the page? I'd like them to resize like "centered", not "left-to-right".

Any ideas, guys?

Try this for an example:

There's no animation on it but that isn't hard to do as you know. :p


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Consider moving this site to improve SEO. Also, your tab header reads just as a bunch of numbers. I see that you are considering moving it to a registered domain. Looking forward to seeing that as well. Kudos.


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It is a beautiful design! Clean and straight to the point..

Can't think of any improvements, although when you have coded it i will take another look and let you know.


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I agree the html5/css3 logos are unnecessary, perhaps for a personal site it looks great, but I'd choose some different fonts if its supposed to be informational or business professional.