People Hate My Logo


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I'm not sure I even understood the point of the question.

YOU are purporting yourself as a "logo designer", yet your own "logo" is such that others don't like it. If you can't make your own logo "talk" to potential clients?

Not really a good selling point for your services now is it?


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All design work is a process and is never right the first time. The logo itself changes as the url is that of my actual logo(not a smart move). Thus all comments are for different designs that I've worked through. As I've stated before, the hardest person to design for is yourself. This includes both web design and logo design as I'm sure you can attest to chrishirst.
I also don't consider anyone at a webdesign forum a potential client as most should be performing this activity IMO on their own. I'm simply trying to be a part of the community and continuing to refine and be better. Certainly not trying to bring anyone down friend.


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the hardest person to design for is yourself.
Absolutely. You always will be your harshest critic

I was just puzzled as to the way you had worded the question, it came over as if you were not 100% sure of yourself and your design, and it is that perception that may be your downfall should propesctive customer come across this thread, or on one of the many thread aggregators there are. It is not necessarily the forum members who are your potential customers, but all manner of URLs appear for people who may be using Search to find a suitable contractor. It is not always YOUR URLs that people can use to find YOU and your site. You have a promotional signature with a link to your website, so you are advertising to anyone who finds and reads ANY thread that you have posted in rather than simply being part of a community

Search and Search Marketing is MUCH bigger than just your website URLs. Anywhere and everywhere that any URL of "yours" shows up in Search or just browsing is an advert for YOU. And you can be fairly confident of the ones you DON'T particularly want showing up, are the ones that will.


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In all honesty, I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with your logo, it reflects what ind of business you run. With that said, it also dictates the website you have up as well.
Companies look for logos to represent themselves, its the first man on the scene to get acquainted with the world — your spokesperson or social ambassador if you will.

Quite frankly, as a professional, I would say what your business tells me at face value is that you don't really care about your clients needs per se, you only provide a service then send them packing — that's the real problem. It looks like you run a factory of making stock vector graphics for business owners who don't really know what it is they're doing from a marketing standpoint.

Long story short, you should probably look more into corporate branding and all the elements that come with that rather than just pumping out logos. At that point with that new business model, you will get a more refined scope of what you should be doing for who and why. Then and only then will you better understand what is "wrong" with your logo and will be able to better yourself visually.

Sorry if that came off a little harsh, but sometimes it really helps you out in the long run. The one thing you need to remember is there are graphic design firms, then there are sign shops. There's the logos said graphic designers make, there there's what you do. Do a little research on what service you are trying to provide clients, how it makes them feel, then redirect your "social ambassador" accordingly.

Happy hunting! ;)


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I'm not really sure what it is. At first glance, I just don't get it. But, whatever, if it works for you, go for it.


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still you need to satisfy yourself on your work first.
The point about being your own worst enemy in criticism, is that you will NEVER be satisfied with your own work.


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As long as you're getting clients, I don't see the problem.

If you think you would get more clients, then consider making a logo that potential clients would be attracted to. Otherwise, re-branding yourself needlessly could confuse the clients you have now (and potentially communicate indecision - if you can't settle on your own logo, how would you be able to settle on theirs?)


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Your logo is LOVELY !!!

Keep your logo!!!!

Your logo is perfect and cool. Do not make any changes.

I would like to know who are those "people" who do not like it. Maybe they are the "modern" ones who do not like an art and like the " modern boring digital cold logo/pictures/layout/design".

I do have a similar problem of my layout/design of my future website which is fully artistic and everyday people love it. But a professional designer hates it. :D:rolleyes:;):(
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Haha! I remember this thread back when I was working on my yahoo site! Yes, it was an ugly logo, but I really like the logo you redesigned, and your site now. Looks very good. :D The colors are great. Really shows off your work, and I like the header. Congratulations on your site and logo.
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I like some of your other logos, but I don't like that one. That being said...

(1) With your site, graphics, web presence, etc... are you catering to yourself? Or are you catering to prospective clients?

If yourself...then who cares what anyone else thinks? However, I suspect it is the latter, after all, you are attempting to solicit business from other people.

If it is the case that "other people" hate your logo and this group of prospective clients is significant enough to cause a measurable increase or decrease in your revenue then it seems to me, that it is quite obvious as to what you should do. And that brings us to the next point.

(2) It is all about first impressions. If that first impression is costing you, then it needs to be changed. If it has negligible impact on your business, then there is no need to change it.

There are 4 groups of people to consider here:

1) hate logo, will still do business
2) logo is irrelevant, will still do business
3) hate logo, won't do business because of it
4) logo is irrelevant, won't do business

We aren't concerned with groups: #1 or #2 because they will do business regardless. We aren't concerned with group #4 because their reason for not doing business with you isn't logo related.

We are concerned however, with group #3. If this group is measurable enough to impact your business, it's time for a change.

Bottom line is, you are running a business. If it isn't impacting your business, then who cares? If it is impacting your business, then you need to care.