Partner sought for revenue generating website


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Hi all,
I believe I have a pretty solid idea for a simple website that will generate a lot of traffic to retail websites by a hi-value demographic. I am able to provide the content and help publicize the website and am looking for someone with design skills to author and maintain the webpage.

I am not looking for someone to hire to design the page for a fee. Rather, I am looking for a partner for this project with profits split 50/50. I don't think this idea would make either of us rich - we're not talking about the next Amazon - but this would involve minimal work for an experienced web designer and could bring in a tidy amount for a side project. I envision a very simple page, although some basic data stripping may be required.

I am looking for someone located in U.S., ideally in the Washington DC area (though that isn't really necssary). Someone who is familiar with how best to monetize the website's traffic (i.e., get the most ad money) would be a plus as well.

Please PM with a little bit about yourself, including relevant experience/work, if interested.


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I could help you, but first let me know your idea and whats in your mind. if you could share that before i make a choice it would be really great.



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You may go and look in any outsourcing site for your required person. Plenty of designers are there.