New designer looking for work


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I am a graduate from Penn Foster college with a diploma in web developement. I currently use Adobe CS4 for website creation and I have basic knowledge of html scripting.

Let me know if I can be of service:)


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Good day!
I will repost our offer below. I posted it today under this forum called help for equity. Thank you for your consideration.

Hello Forum readers,

My name is Kevin Williams and a partner with a patented, brand new technology based concierge business called e* Concierge. e* Concierge is an interactive video screen placed in hotel or apartment lobbies that lets guest's Interact with live concierge via web-cams and our call centers.
We have our first hotel AND apartment clients lined up, we just need help creating a website that is designed to follow up our presentations and also house an area that our concierge people can log in and work from their database. We have all the data part completed, we just need the web-site created and the code integrated from our data-base.

We are willing to exchange 500 shares or 1% of our company which is $10,000 worth of stock, for the creation of this web-site. THis is certainly not an end all to our relationship. If you can show your value, once we can actively pursue sales, I will consider hiring you full time for plenty of other projects. We are $150,000 into our project and could use a creative partner with web design background.

Goto and click on corporate profile and then click on press. You will see that in June we were touted as "The new concierge of the next decade", in the bible of all hospitality magazines Lodging Magazine.

Thank you for your consideration. To discuss further please contact Kevin E. Williams 202-607-4998 or email me [email protected].

If you are unemployed please consider a future working with us.