Need a Web developer/designer


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I want to host a site like rapidshare or megaupload on a datacenter. I just need someone to develop a database, php code, web design and paypal payment.

I really like mediafire. I would like the design to be similar to mediafire.

My budget for this development is about $245. Once the web design product is finished.

I want a admin panel where i can control groups etc.

I'll discuss more if anyone is interested.

Second thing i want to host on the datacenter is a listing store sort of like ebay or carsales. So if anyone has the skills and would like to develop such sites for me. I would greatly appreciate it. The files that will be uploaded to my server and your access to fast downloading will be your highest benefit.
Thank you


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If I knew more about what I was doing and was familiar with websites like that, I'd happily do it for 245.
I don't though. Sorry :/