My new freelance website


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More good ideas!!

But I am heading away for the weekend so it may be several days before I take a look at these key points.

Cheers :eek:)


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I think it looks nice but think it's distracting that all three modules (logos, marketing, websites) change at the same time. I would suggest changing the timing so the first one changes then a few seconds and the second one changes, a few seconds and then the third one. Just my opinion though. Thanks.

I cant agree more, the color is really heavy:D


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Ok well I've been really busy and had barely any time to work on my website (I've been stuck in the Matrix, programming) but I have taken out the "request a free quote" from the home page so there is less in-your-face orange.

I tried having just the orange buttons on the white background and it stood out well but it just didn't seem to fit.

Colour is heavy but I like it that way :D

Hmm I think the dragon will go eventually... when I have time to re-organise the header into something better. Probably won't get around to this for a couple weeks.

Thanks for all the feedback!! Whether positive or negative :)