My First real website


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Ok, I've started the redesign process of this site, as I've been improving.

This was the old home page and general theme:

This is the new site theme:

It's not optimized yet, I know...I just want to get opinions on old theme vs new, and if the new one looks more "updated with the times" What do you think?

Also, does anyone know why IE8 displays my heading font way different than firefox and Chrome? I hate how it looks in IE8...wish there was something to make CSS3 work in that browser.
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Ditch the big-roll over on the fb/tw/etc.

And your footer doesn't align properly on a wide monitor.

Your menu bars are also a little pixelated at the top.

I like the general design.


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That is much better. I disagree with DesigNes regarding the social media icons. However, I would not go quite so dark.


It's starting to come together nicely Gary,your learn more button is a little off though...

"I want to help you achieve a better quality of life, assist you with challenges, your goals, your dreams, and guide you towards discovering the meaning and purpose of your entrepreneurial spirit!"

The button viewing for me on Mac/FF4 is over where it says "challenges, your goals" might want to take a look at that


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I like the colors etc. but the number of tabs seems a little too high... home,about etc.etc. you just have too many lined in. Some, for example blog, can actually go up into the social networks box.


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Thanks, I just finished it tonight. I really need to figure out how to get IE9 though, because that's the only browser this site may have issues with, until I can view it. I'm using CSS3, and PIE for IE8. I have vista, and for some reason, service pack 2 refuses to install, thus I can't get IE 9.

downloaded IE9...and everything displays perfect, so I'm not sure what you mean.
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