looking for a reliable provider with DDoS Protection


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Thank you for reading the post , I'm looking for a reliable provider who are providing dedicated server with DDoS Protection.
So , I'm searching a reliable provider who provide me upto 10 GBPS Free DDoS Protection , & of course i need managed support.
As I see some of provider offering Free DDoS Protection with their servers.
So , if you have any suggestions , please write me.

CenTex Hosting

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Just about every big provier offers DDOS the ones that you need to watch out for are the Resellers that have really no clue what they have.


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DDoS Protection being offered by web hosting providers is rare. Most of the time, web hosts will provide only basic security coverage at best and these are usually paid services.

The price can range between $20 or even $30 per month, on top of your existing hosting costs and whatever other services are being peddled at you by your hosting provider.

Not many hosting companies offer services like this for free, let alone even more basic features (email, SSL, etc). DDoS protection can be purchased from several hosting providers but this is a common tactic by hosts to collect extra cash from their customers.

One exception I know if is WPX Hosting, who give Enterprise-level DDoS protection with their hosting for free.

WPX Hosting are known for their strong site security and uptime; all of their hosting comes with free DDoS as well as Malware removal and scanning, plus their domains come with free WHOIS Privacy.


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Yes Joniantrey, I have been using WPX Hosting for the last few months and the hosting services they offer are very amazing because their server loading speed is too much faster, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk storage and on top of that, you'll get a DDoS Protection and other Domain WhoIS Privacy Protector & SSL Certificate totally for free.

WPX Hosting does cost around $24+ each month but the cost is worth-paying because you'll get all the resources a WordPress Managed Hosting should have. On top, you can use use some of the WPX Hosting Promo Codes here https://www.bloggingscout.com/wpx-hosting-promo-code/ or wait for the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals to get discount on the WPX Hosting.
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I can recommend you a few: okayservers, rackspace, hostingsource. But you need to understand that levels of the DDoS protection can be different and each higher level requries higher budget.


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DDOS protection hosting is the best choice for the performance oriented side. I'll definitely prefer you dedicatedhosting4u. because am using it since 3 years. i wasn't getting any issue from them good supportive staff being with customers.
I think your requirement fulfill this company.

Thank you.