Is there such a thing as a reliable host?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by HudsonMoon, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. HudsonMoon

    HudsonMoon New Member

    Please only answer this if you are a web designer with lots of clients... I really need reliable opinions here...If you work for a hosting company - please don't bother...

    I started building websites as a business about 3 months ago. I now have some happy clients and even a backlog of work. But my hosting company is killing me. I am using Anhosting because they were recommended by someone I really respect. I'm sure they used to be great but ever since they began offering unlimited everything for $6.95, they have gone downhill.

    I really don't know where to start. I now know what to look for. I've read all that but I am so afraid of putting my trust and important jobs in the hands of another company I don't know. The webhosting reviews you find on Google are worthless. Every company has good reviews and bad. Anhosting says they are upgrading their what?

    I am doing my job right. My sites work. But telling a client "the host server is down" works only 1 time. It doesn't matter that it is true. It is an unverifiable explanation. My hosting company is already doing damage to my reputation and if I have to speak to one more support tech that doesn't give a s%^&T about my predicament, I'm gonna pull my hair out.

    Does anyone use a company that they are 99% happy with? I can deal with 99% at this point... There's nothing more important in this business than the host...
  2. wetgravy

    wetgravy New Member

    first off ... why are you hosting their site? I don't host for the reason you are describing to a dime. As for reliable hosts ... not likely. Most are bought and resold so many times it's unbelievable. The best example was a host that was literally down the street from me. I had fantastic service, great speeds, and was up 99.9% of the time (only down for them doing maintnence.) ... but .. they were bought out by a company that resold hosting companies. after the selling process my domain that i bought with my hosting there became in limbo since i own it, but it was registered through them and all the whois was in their name. after all that as well, servers were always going down, mail dissappeared before it got to my end, and they could never get php to work right. So after ... geez ... 4 years after i abandoned them for a series of hosts to do what i want 99% of the time ... i finally got my domain back (they didn't want to register it anymore and i wouldn't pay the $500 for a domain for my sketches) and i will never speak their name again.

    First i would say, that if you are hosting your customers sites ... i hope they are paying for it. Second, if not, inform them that they will have to find their own host. and third if you do have them pay for it ... use a reseller account. that way you can split your hosting into accounts they can manage and regulate, as well as it will be less bitching on your end since you can say "your host is down, and i can't control things of other companies ... though if you want to change your hosting company, i am happy to assist you in the move to a new server." and you can charge a migrating fee for helping them move their site.

    as for hosts ... there are a few i have my eye on that i might me moving too in the not to far off future;
    this one popped out to me based on the amount of good reviews, and their plans are fantastic.
    this one as well had plans that are great, and their reviews were good too.

    really ... you need to think of how many databases you need or will need, how much the cost is, and if they have all the server side things you need. there are also about as many web hosts as there are websites, so just check reviews, and always be prepared to move if things degrade. (think of it like an apartment.)
  3. wetgravy

    wetgravy New Member

    also i think i'm going to be migrating to ixwebhosting for their cronjob support, as well as their ability to provide streaming access (for youtube clones) as well as things that all hosts should do like .htaccess overrides and ssi
  4. nbcda_creative

    nbcda_creative New Member

    Yes, there is...

    HudsonMoon, I felt the exact same way you did... We host for about fifty clients, and we had our share of TERRIBLE hosts... the worst of all being Webhosting Pad. After careful research, I started using Hostgator... I was very skeptical at first, but trust me, after about 5 months, I have had no problems. They are the only host that I have had a good experience with, and I've tried nearly all of them. And, no, I do not have referral code, and neither do I work for them. They are just a good webhost, that's all.
  5. Richardvd

    Richardvd New Member

    unlimited Datatransfer and space is never possible. Choose for a hosting company with clear limiting values.
  6. Geodun1

    Geodun1 New Member

    145 has been my host for years, no matter what website I've made. They've only ever had one major server issue, and that was around a year and a half ago. (Maybe longer than that.) So far they are reliable, and are getting ready to implement dedicated servers, which should take the strain off their current servers. They offer cheap, affordable offers, with plenty of options to make them desirable and effective.

    I honestly can say that I recommend them for their tech support though, whenever there's an issue, even with phpbb/joomla/etc., they go out of their way to help you. It's really a friendly community, and they're fast about fixing problems when they arrise.
  7. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    2,153 are not too bad for reseller accounts are good for unmanaged dedicated servers. not bad for vps accounts
  8. conor

    conor New Member

    i find blacknight ( very very good. They have never had a server malfunction since i started with them a year ago. They have great email support which you can prioratise - ie. if its an urgent error they proccess it quicker and you get an instant reply. They have great tutorials, forums and support. They are cheap with good space - €45 a year and i think 10GB storage. They also have a great easy to follow control panel.
  9. mooseknuckle

    mooseknuckle New Member

    Hi, I rent a dedicated server from lunarpages and I host many many sites there. They have not had any downtime that I experienced, they have migrated me from vps, they can help you resolve most any server question or problem, and if they want to charge me for help, I keep calling back till they get tired of it lol.

    Anyway they meet with my approval. Here is a my affiliate link to them.

    Here is the same link, but if you click this one I don't get paid :)

    "Lunarpages Hosting"
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  10. horrorshow75

    horrorshow75 New Member

    I use host gator to host a few websites (unlimited domians) and haven't ever had a problem.

    I have the baby account.
  11. darksoul32

    darksoul32 New Member

    Cancel them I recommend using a good host like hostnine, hostgator, or webhostingbuzz. Hosts that offer unlimited everything for almost no money are a waste of your time and money.
  12. yelleyster

    yelleyster New Member

    Agreed. I think if your going to take anything away from this, remember that the number one thing your looking for is QUALITY. Because truly, no one can guarantee a 100% up time, that's why they'll all boast of 99.9%.
  13. 4folds

    4folds New Member

    I'm currently with Midphase/Autica and have been happy. I've got a reseller account with them. They've had really good customer service. They actually answer the telephone and trouble tickets when you need help.

    The key to getting a "reliable host" is to find one that has good customer service. The technology isn't perfect no matter who you are with, so you will have down times and some sort of problems at some point. But, the key is that if the tech support is good then you can work with them to get what you need fixed in a reasonable amount of time. If the hosting company doesn't respond well to helping you then they aren't worth any amount of money.
  14. webby1

    webby1 New Member

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there most is up time great...service unreal...price awesome!!! Proof here ..I cannot say anymore
  15. designsatlanta

    designsatlanta Banned

    I honestly can say that I recommend them for their tech support though, whenever there's an issue, even with phpbb/joomla/etc., they go out of their way to help you. It's really a friendly community, and they're fast about fixing problems when they arrise.

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