I cant access the 'requests' page so here goes. [paying]


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Our website needs a redesign - currently stale and boring.

We primarily sell offshore application development services and network maintenance services.

This is our Australian site, which is ok although still a bit bland: http://www.nwsol.com/

The website we want to redo is http://www.nwspartners.com/

Please quote fixed price amount to do up to 4 pages with a few graphic elements and minimal text. We want a very simple, high impact site that will generate a call to action to email or call us.

Responses without a fixed price quote amount will not be responded to.

Please include any prior website work that you would like us to review when considering your quote.


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Client reason for posting in online forums: Doesn't want to pay a fair price, it's too much.

Vendor reason for not responding: Want customers to pay fair price, it feeds my family.

(ClientReason + VendorReason) = 0 serious responses. Particularly, as others have said, without first becoming a contributing member of this forum!