How to make best website?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by websarga, May 12, 2009.

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  1. websarga

    websarga Banned

    I would like to know that how to make effective websites to make it more interactive
  2. mezangath

    mezangath New Member

    I think you'll need to be more specific on that question if you want an answer. Webdesign isn't exact in that matter that there are that big guidelines on how to be successfull in it.
  3. 3dmagicaldesign

    3dmagicaldesign New Member

  4. sitegrinder

    sitegrinder New Member

    Hello! Well, i think you must have to gather more ideas first on what you really would want for your site and you must first know your target visitors so you would be able to find the exact design and the contents to make. Also, I recommend for you to try sitegrinder plug in tool for photoshop for you to create a more stunning web site. Good Luck!
  5. designsatlanta

    designsatlanta Banned

    There are various ways to design a website in a good manner. But beyond all these if you are a newbie better take suggestions from the experts and there are many companies offering the website design at low cost.:)
  6. emopoops

    emopoops Banned

    welsites are all about the images and the interactivity. thats about it. the images cant have those things in the back of text.. i dont know how they get ther but its considered a low quality image

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