How to increase impression of my website?

Manoj Chahar

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Hello Everyone !! How to increase impression of my website? from last one week my website impression going down so please suggest me what i do for increasing my website impression.


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Do keyword research prior to writing any of your content. There are tools out there like Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs that allows you to search for keywords (or keywords with like-terms) and find keywords that generate a decent amount of traffic and aren't too difficult to rank for. I am currently testing this out on my own blog, and seeing if I can rank for several smaller/less competitive keywords.

This will ultimately start driving more traffic to my site, while building up a higher domain authority (making it easier to rank for the more difficult keywords).


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use variety in the keywords - make keyword density 2% - Update blog 4 times in a week or daily 1 blog with various different keywords


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Improve your website design. Make it modern and comfortable. The presentation of information should be clear and not raise questions. Then visitors will stay longer on the site.


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To improve your website impression, you can make more and more high quality backlinks. Social media platforms are a big way to increase your website impression.