How to check back links with URLs?


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The most reliable way is by doing it manually. Type in "link:URL" to show all the number of backlinks.


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Better too if you set up an account on GWT for your site and get more information and stats about your site...


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lots of ways

You can search many backlink checkers on the internet. I am using backlink watch too. Another way to do it is manual checking using this search string -- link:


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You can try with and software named SEOspyTool. Free version shows only 1100 backlinks, but I love it because it shows all statistics from those links.


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go to googl e and type link:your site address or go to yahoo site explorer and type your site address.You will get all of your backlinks where they come from.


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Backlink Watch is my favorite by far, though I have hit limits a few times for some reason. Does anybody else have this problem?


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yahoo site explorer is the best, also register with google webmaster tools but keep in mind that they do not show all links

also be patient as it may take a very long time for backlinks to show up


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If you mean, how do I check how many links are pointing towards your website use Google Webmaster Tools.


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Yahoo site explorer and Backlinkwatch are the best websites in which you could obtain the backlinks.