Help needed writing web designer/online marketing specialist job advert


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Hello everyone,

The company I work for are looking advertise for a mid-level web designer/online marketing specialist.

I was wondering if anyone here could give some recommendation as to what technical abilities would be necessary for a role of this nature. We are ideally looking for someone with 3 - 5 years experience, whose principal responsibilities will be to redesign several existing websites with full CMS capabilities, develop new web projects and improve online marketing & search engine visibility for our many brands. They will also be involved in developing several existing E-commerce projects and working with the likes of Magento.

As a graphic designer, I have a rough idea of the skills we need, however it would be great to get some advice from folk who do this sort of job every day!

Thank-you in advance.



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i come from a graphic design background and i can tell you what they need is a lot different than what you do... It sounds like they are looking for someone similar to a web master. Someone that can design the web pages code the web pages and do the SEO and SEM. CMS is a content management system like joomla, or wordpress..they have their advantages and disadvantages. Changing from graphic design to web design is a big jump becuase of the medium...coding and working with CMS is it's own beast, as well as SEO and SEM...

Baz Watkins

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You can hire of the street, but I would be inclined to co-opt a freelancer who has a varied skill set. I do most of the things you require, as do most owner operator outfits.

I work with Joomla and have a few years experience of marketing in areas such as SEO copywriting, keyword optimisation and paid advertising or PPC.

If you do a Google search under something like 'CMS web design studio' you will find many out there who have the skills you require. The hard part is defining which CMS you want, as that will dictate your options, be it Joomla, Wordpress, Drpal or Magento.