Discussion in 'Web Design' started by kareemamir, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. kareemamir

    kareemamir New Member

    HI. just wandering how can i create a guest book. i dont want the free ones as i wud like to have my own one without ads.

    my webhosting specs are here
    its the diamond account. any help wud be great!
  2. Splendidesign

    Splendidesign New Member

    If you can't be bothered writing a load of php (like me!) you can use It uses a MySql server, so you need to be able to make one. Its nice and easy setup
  3. ablaye

    ablaye New Member

    You can hire a freelancer to do the job.
    It should not be hard to create a nice guestbook. You can find some nice free ones in

    Your choice...

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