Common Mistakes SEO Checklist 2021


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Search Engine Optimization is a must for ranking your website on the search results page. But there are certain day-to-day SEO tricks you might want to avoid to not get penalized by google.
  1. Shady redirections
  2. Invisible Text
  3. Keyword stuffing
  4. Bait & Switch
  5. Comment spamming
  6. Unethical Back-linking
  7. Paid back-linking
The Search Engines update their algorithms often to provide a user-friendly experience to the end-users. If people think the bots haven’t noticed their black-hat techniques, sooner they may. If you’ve been making the aforesaid mistakes, it’s time you correct them! hire Best Seo Agency USA to get a help in SEO


Common mistakes seo

Not Setting clear SEO Goal
Overlooking mobile traffic
Buying backlinks
Forgetting about content formats other than text


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Already you have some points, that are good and I would like to add few points for your question.
Choosing the wrong keywords
Keyword stuffing
Building the irrelevant and poor-quality link structure
Duplicated Content
Having spammy links
Not Consulting Paid Media
f you solve this issue you will need the Best Digital marketing companies ( Dot Com Infoway) to solve this problem is nearly always preferable to doing it yourself.