Best way to do quick pledge site?


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I want to do a quick site, preferably in WordPress, with a single purpose. It would be a political site where people who have voted for our stupid Australian government come to and register that "they regret it" and they could leave a comment. I want a running total of all people who click on something that says I regret it.

It's a bit like a pledge site or a petition site. The only important functionality would be that they can add their details and a comment and that there is a big counter showing how many people REGRET IT. The domain name is

Thanks for any tips or advice


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And your question is??
Chris...I would have thought my question was obvious enough. I was asking for tips and advice on how to do this.

But, to be more specific then - Is there, for example, a good plugin that would provide that sort of functionality - to allow users to sign the site, leave a comment with their signature if they wished, and that would show the number of signatures collected over time etc..

It's not the sort of functionality that's built in to WordPress as far as I can see. And I can't code that sort of thing. I'd be relying on either built in functionality or a plugin.