Best method to get best backlinks


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Hello guys,
Here are the best methods which is used to generate great backlinks.
URL directories
  • Natural back-links
  • Forums, guest books and comment boxes
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social bookmarks
  • RSS marketing
  • Video marketing back-links


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Back-links are good for website but finding a proper way to achieve them is really difficult especially a newbie like me.I still think that social bookmarking and forum posting is the best way to get backlinks with anchor text.


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You are right that these are some best ways to have backlinks for a site. It will be helpful for SEO newbies.


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Those are very great and useful ways to build up backlinks. And this is what no to do:

Don't spam the same message in blogs.
Don't exchange links.
Don't link to suspicious sites.
Don't link to pages with low quality content.


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Good list. Good and unique content is the best guarantee you will get backlinks. Link exchange should also be included in the list. It's a good way to boost PR and online visibility.


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For me Blogging and social bookmarking are the best way in getting quality backlinks and it becomes more effective if you provide good list of do follow blogs and bookmarking site with good PR.


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At this moment I think linkwheel is and high profile backlink are the best ways to crate backlinks that google really counts.


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If you post an interesting blog article, and add text links inside, and then syndicate the hell out of it to other blogging and public domain article sites, people will eventually republish your article with all those links to their sites. It is kind of tedious to have to re-post the same article to many sites, but it appears to work. That's one of my methods. Just make sure the article site you're posting to isn't using the dreaded "nofollow" in their links.


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Any strategies are good on its own way! They all help in increasing traffic. But,you should do it properly and accordingly!


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Greenlighting, thanks for explaining me))) as a consequence I have another question)) is it difficult to syndicate articles? Thanks in advance)


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Backlinks create something known as “authority”, and it is this feature that is recognized by search engine algorithms. Therefore, another advantage of using backlinks is the site with the highest authority will then appear first on the list of results generated by search engines.


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I heard that you can purchase backlinks from top ranked sites..How true is it??
I would be VERY careful if you consider buying backlinks. If you end up buying "link farm" backlinks or poor quality backlinks then your rank will be affected very negatively. Do your homework before buying into these!

As a rule of thumb, I check every site's PR before even considering a link exchange...and there is no way I would buy backlinks.