Actice Server Pages (ASP) - Where to start...


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Active Server Pages (ASP) - Where to start...

well, the place to start would of course be to go out to a bookstore near you and buy a book that feels right to you, but since many either don't have the means to buy a book due to age or just simply don't want to spend the cash, i figure i would start this thread as a basic way to get started.

ok, before you get started on learning how to write your own ASP pages, you will need to setup an envirnment fit for developing such scripts locally. if you are using either windows 2000 or XP just simply insert your windows disc into your cd drive and follow the following instructions...

1. click start button on task bar, a menu will pop-up
2. move up the menu to settings, another menu will open to the side
3. then move over to control panel and either hit enter or click on it with your left mouse button. a new window will open.
4. in this new window double click on the icon labled "add/remove programs". another window will open.
5. click on "add/remove windows components". a new list of available components off of your windows cd should pop-up.
6. now scroll down until you see "internet information service".
7. make sure the box next to it is checked.
8. click ok and wait for windows to finish installing your new web server! :cool:

once you have successfully done so, will find that the "internet information services councel" has been added to the administrative tools within your control panel.

the root directory to your web server should be...


unless you specified a different location within the above mention councel. you will be able to access the default page of your web server by opening your web browser of choise and going to...


if nothing comes up, go into the above mentioned councel, right click on your web site and make sure the service is started. if it isn't, do so now and try going to locahost in your browser again.

if the default IIS site opens ( should have a bunch of annoying pop-ups) you have successfully installed and started your web server.

to be continued in the next post! ;)
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the hardest part really is just getting used to how everything in the IIS councel is setup. once you have that all figured out, the rest is fairly easy. if you need anymore help with the web server bit, just go ahead and ask here in this thread.

now next, to get you started off, i would like to point to the tutorials at ASP 101.

these tutorials are very helpfull and you should bookmark these, as they might come in a good refference some day. start with the easy ones. i know they are boring, but if you surpass these, you may very well miss something very simple that will make your life hell later on.

once you work your way thru those and get a basic understanding of how ASP works, you can move to something harder. here is a pretty good sized directory of all sorts of ASP tutorials. from simple counters to complex applications...

if you get stuck anywhere along the way, please feel free to post here and i will try and help you out best i can. also, another great resource for good tutorials and good help as well as tips is...

and here is a direct link to their ASP forums, where i have gone to and found help many times over...

i hope that helps a little and gets those that want to learn started in the right direction. :)

good luck!!!


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Good writeup Z :D

Sitepoint has a really good article on ASP.NET, if anyone wants to try ASP.NET instead of ASP. Tells you how to set it up using IIS and everything, you don't _need_ to buy the Visual Studio from Microsoft to play around with ASP.NET.


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yeah, one of these days, if i ever get time i want to try and learn some ASP.NET stuff. who knows, maybe i'll even learn php someday... lol

and thanks for the compliment! :) i thought about going into more detail, but i kinda drifted off towards the end of the first part. :p


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yeah, back when i was at the top of my game, ASP one of the requirements for many of the high dollar projects. ASP.NET looks really simple, but there are many differences between visual basic 6.0 and VB.NET that i will need to sort thru before i can do a whole lot of anything with it.