a good webhost - what is that?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by 1paket.com, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. 1paket.com

    1paket.com New Member

    A good web host is one that offers reliable hosting with superior support and whatever other features you need for your particular situation. And, of course, most of us webmasters want this also at the lowest price possible.

    The only obvious first distinction between the good and the not so good web hosting plans is the bandwidth they allow you to use. The more bandwidth, the more visitors your web site can have. Any web hosting plans with less than 5Gbit of bandwidth allowance per month (or with unlimited bandwidth) are simply not worthy of your considerations.

    Most hosting providers now a days offer very similar web hosting packages at very different prices. And while some of the very cheap web hosting providers, under about US$5, have to cut corners to provide you web hosting at that price - which will reduce their service and reliability - many of the more expensive web hosting companies don't necessarily provide better support or service.
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  2. che09

    che09 New Member

    A Good Web Host is 1 that act like 1 not just on words.
  3. koddos

    koddos Banned

    A good host is that which takes a good care of their customers.
  4. HostColor

    HostColor New Member

    Nie to know you know some things about web hosting. CAn you please explain how do you define "superior support". What makes "superior support" different from any other good support?
  5. koddos

    koddos Banned

    A good web host is that which provides quality hosting cheaply.
  6. RAJO

    RAJO New Member

    i believe a good webmaster isnt with how cheap he is but its with how much effort he puts in
  7. VPSblast

    VPSblast New Member

    Read other clients' or customers' testimonials. Try to contact the current customers of the web host provider of your choice and see if they are satisfied with the kind of services being rendered by the web host company.
  8. Alpha

    Alpha New Member

    A good web host consists of service platform that provides the storage space on the web for professional websites. Web hosting services depends upon Cloud web hosting, Shared web hosting, Virtual Private Server hosting and Dedicated web hosting, Free web hosting, Paid web hosting and Domain web hosting.
  9. ronaldroe

    ronaldroe Super Moderator Staff Member

    Alpha. This is your second warning, and final chance. Don't necropost.
  10. rohitvpp11

    rohitvpp11 New Member

    Web hosting is different kinds like Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud hosting etc. If you want to know which web hosting companies are good in a certain type, then you will have to visit a good web host ranking website. Here is a good link for web host rankings Buy Hosting. You would find all the great web hosting providers on that website.
  11. Dewlance

    Dewlance New Member

    First look for some good company, Check their response time and If response is good and uptime record is good then chose them.

    Its not so easy but it will take only 1 week to check various company support system.
  12. chrishirst

    chrishirst Well-Known Member Staff Member

    This is the actual meaning of the question so your rational is circular.
  13. HostSlayer

    HostSlayer New Member

    Have you used them personally?
  14. Dennis Carnegie Jr

    Dennis Carnegie Jr New Member

    A great webhost provides the best support ever, and answers questions in a timely fashion.
    A great webhost treats the customer with respect, and does what the customer wants.
    A great webhost has little to no downtime guaranteed
    A great webhost will provide the services that you require and give you services that you want.

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