What Does An SEO Manager Do? Job Description


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One of the most sought-after skills in digital marketing is an SEO expert. What SEO managers do has become an indispensable part of any company that wants to get discovered on the internet. An SEO Manager owns a skill set that is in high demand in the industry. Although many experts can produce content and even a content strategy, the content team’s efforts can go in vain without doing the right SEO.

SEO manager work revolves around websites and all those things that will push people to click a link. Most new positions will demand an assessment of the site and other content collateral. The company needs to look for improvement opportunities. It will also involve analysis to recognize the best places to make some fixes, and once done, you pretty much will start all over again. As

SEO is an evolving process that changes based on what’s demanded today and expected in the future. You will create lists of projects to help you fight your way up the proverbial Google rankings. These tactics can incorporate:

  • New blogs, blog categories, and content
  • Creating a new online community
  • Posting evergreen e-books and white papers
You will also have to recognize your audience with a study to identify targets. It will play a crucial role in SEO as you have to ensure that the keywords and approach are designed to meet your audience’s needs. You will concentrate on what they search for and how they search to find out the best keywords to help drive content. It could be content pieces, video, or some combination of those things in social media, all forms of content.