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    History Of Explainer Videos
    It was 2007 when these videos stole attention and got themselves stardom. Common Craft, with an intention to educate users how to use Twitter, created an explainer video. Despite plain graphics and direct language, 10 million views of the video depicted its success loudly. Realizing the worth of these videos, businesses of every size started leaning on them to kiss success & fame.

    8 Characteristics Of Every Explainer Video
    Now this is quite important to know. You just can’t sit in front of a computer with some idea in mind, create any video with few characters & content and call it an explainer video. Instead, you need to jot down the main features it constitutes of. Let us now dive into some mandatory features for every video.

    1. Short Duration: Best explainer videos are short and up front. 90 seconds is the maximum duration.

    2. Simple: No mystery, no suspense, rather a clear message in the simplest way possible.

    3. Animated Characters: To add a fun touch that appeals & attracts to the audience, animated characters are the way to win hearts.

    4. Target Audience: Finding the right audience and identifying its problems are two attributes too crucial to forget, as they make the customers feel valued.

    5. Music: Because nothing can beat the right tune! When a video has the right music or sound effects, story is narrated in an interesting way and engagement rate boosts.

    6. Unequaled Quality: No matter how useful the business is, how grateful the products are or how convincing the story line is, video must be high quality.

    7. Appropriate Colors: Everything that has the right colors wins attention and explainer videos are no exception.

    8. Professional Voice-Over: Clear, sharp and expert voice-over is the key to reveal everything that’s being presented to the eyes.

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