somebody use stock agencys to sell images?


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My experience with MicroStock

Yes I use stock agencies to sell my photos. I am just amateur/hobby photographer and I take this as a fun mainly. I mean I mostly shoot pictures that I want. I don’t shoot mainly for stock agencies. When I want I pick some pictures I made and submit them there. My most favorite agency by all means is Dreamstime. If you want to see my portfolio there you are more than welcome. ;)

My photographic portfolio at Dreamstime

I don’t make much money by selling my pictures, hence I don’t shoot top-wanted pictures as I said. So I do it for fun. But it is very interesting experience anyway, because it gives opportunity to learn many things. And I don’t mean only things about photography as such, but also about various aspects of this business such as law of photography, various licenses, model releases, property releases, what you can shoot, what you cannot… it simply gives also amateur author ability to see how photo business is going. And that is something that wouldn’t be possible without micro stock agencies. So for me it is interesting experience, fun and opportunity to learn something… And finally also to earn some $$$. :D

For example I started as a photographer years before, but now I am also trying to run my own stock photo project powered by Dreamstime API: - (English version) - (Slovak version) - (Czech version)

It is very early version actualy, there are a lot of things to do and work is still in progress. But the reason why I am mentioning this now is that I wanted to show you that there are really various opportunities for anyone in this stock photo business. Not just for photographers or illustrators.