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    Looks rather good.
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    What Is Flexible Conduit : NEC Article 348 regulates the use and installation of FMC. FMC is similar to armored cable,except that the conductors are installed by the electrician. For Type AC and Type MC cable, thecable armor is wrapped around the conductors at the factory to form a complete cable assembly NEC 348.10 covers Uses Permitted and 348.
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    A corn is a type of callus (thickened skin) that is filled with dead skin. The other name of corns is clavus, plural clavi, and clavuses. While its scientific name is heloma. In general, you can see corn on the body area which is smooth and hairless. And you can often see them on the top or sides of the toes or fingers. It’s usually small and round in shape with a clearly marked center which could be hard or fluffy. Corns develop when there is a case of friction, rubbing, or irritation against the skin surface. Meanwhile, squeezing them is generally painful. This, unfortunately, can cause irritating because of the transfer in pressure to the skin of the corn. In addition, if the corns tissues are abrupts regularly, it may cause more corns even after they are removed surgically.

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