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    My site may have some errors, but could you please review my design/layout of it? Thankyou in advanced.

    It is a Flash games website -
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    review please
  4. zach

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    Need work

    I would suggestion before you're site heavy traffic that you switch to a Content Management System... I would use Wordpress. This will allow you to better modify your pages, plus gives you unlimited plugin options, along with a way to do memberships. You will just need to find a theme that would better fit your kind of website.

    • Frame work need a lot of work, elements seem randomly placed without much thought.
    • Site is over 1200px in width, I would suggest you reduce that to at least 950px. More people would be about to use it depending on resolution size.
    • I believe you pulled your inspiration from Newgrounds. You should work on your sites identity. Plus a lot of flash games sites already exist, tough market.
    • Make fewer HTTP Request.
    • Add long-term expire headers to reduce load times and overall bandwidth usage.
    • Compress 18 plain text components with GZIP.
    • Smush all site images.
    • I would add a navigation in the header and some kind of footer.
    • You used <div> to line up images; <ul> & <li> would take up much less code and achieve the same look.
    • I would remove the advertisement box. No one will pay to advertise on a site with little or no traffic yet. You should wait in till you get steady traffic.
    • Centering the site would be better.
    • Images in the id="jQueryTabs2" should have explanations next to them. That would allow visitors to know what game they are clicking on.
    • Signs up would be better achieved using a CMS

    Best of luck.
  5. reverseengineer

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    I think the box under "sign-up" needs to line up horizontally with the main box.
  6. pos2011

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    i think you're site width is too large, i'm using a 1024x768 resolution so, its kinda hard to navigate the content
  7. Neo27

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    I think it isn't very good design for flash games

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