Best method of link building for local seo?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by Plusplushosting, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Plusplushosting

    Plusplushosting New Member

    I want to know your opinion on what is the best method of local seo.

    Any inputs?
  2. cpios

    cpios New Member

    Submission to the directories will be fine for you.
  3. colorexperts

    colorexperts New Member

    local directory submission, posting on local forum included ur website links etc will help u
  4. ausweb

    ausweb New Member

    ^ Yeah carolyn is right!

    Also, when it comes in choosing your targeted keywords, you have to select some keywords connected your target area. :)
  5. n1c0_ds

    n1c0_ds New Member

    When I made Ticks, I used an automatic software submission tool to submit it to a thousand or so directories (and received about as many "Thank you for your submission" emails :p). This alone greatly helped me dominate the front page for my own name.

    Local SEO lies on Yellow Page profiles: Yelp, Canada411, etc. I also try to have the city name in as many of my inbound links as possible.

    Finally, working on the local Google listing greatly helped. It's hard to get reviews for my business (it's really helpful when you have a few on Yelp and Google Maps), so I compensate with inbound links.

    As for directory submissions, I wouldn't base a strategy on that.
  6. jackmark

    jackmark New Member

    You should submit your site to local directories, search engine "place" pages (like Google places), and also employ researched SEO campaign based on keywords. Do you sell products or services? If so, you should target market based on your location and keywords. Blogs are good way to build links but always dofollow links are best
  7. bravoman2

    bravoman2 New Member

    Local SEO

    The best method for local SEO is to use keywords that have the name of the city or state in it, say for example you want to rank well for Los Angeles, CA, put LA California, or Los Angeles in the Long tail keyword.
  8. n1c0_ds

    n1c0_ds New Member

    I agree with this. Adding the city name in my link building and keywords greatly helped me rank. I already had a lot of links, but that set my position in stone. If you are looking for a web designer in Granby (QC, Canada), you'll find me. :D
  9. Iei2011

    Iei2011 New Member

    submit your website to local web directory.
  10. mrhistorian

    mrhistorian New Member

    Be local, behave local, post local..Keep promoting your website verbally and yet submit it globally
  11. MarkR

    MarkR New Member

    See if a local webmaster with a website packed with keywords similar to yours will let you guest blog.

    Guest blogging produces high quality back links if the website you submit it on is already highly regarded by Google.
  12. juicebrenner

    juicebrenner New Member

    Local directory submission is a great way to build one-way links.Do research carefully..Relevancy is key to your business. You don't want to just submit anywhere.
  13. n1c0_ds

    n1c0_ds New Member

    Another easy but critical step I forgot about is to register your business and make sure it ends up in Yellow Pages and all the rest. Although it doesn't always generate traffic or inbound links, it will greatly help you rank in your area. On top of having my site in first position, I also have a dozen links from YP-like sites in the first two pages.

    In fact, I get a lot of calls from people browsing those sites that never saw my website, and I'm not even in the paper Yellow Pages.
  14. noelagnote

    noelagnote New Member

    1. Get Involved in Your (Online) Community
    2. Make Your Mark on Google Places
    3. Update Your WHOIS Info
    4. Get Involved in Your (Offline) Community
    5. Don’t Forget the Other Engines
    6. Incentivize Positive Reviews
    7. Consider Using Multiple Domains
    8. Look Beyond Google
    9. Give Prominence to Your Contact Details
    10. Don’t Alienate Nationwide Customers
  15. robertmarks62

    robertmarks62 New Member

    The reason why many people shy away from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is because the process of ranking websites is slow. For certain keywords, it can be painfully slow. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the linkbuilding process. Keep in mind, however, that the quantity of links will get sites to rank at the top, while it’s the quality of links that will help sites maintain those high rankings. For those looking to build a quick portfolio of links, here are five quick ways to build links for SEO:

    1. Post Blog Comments

    Finding relevant blogs to comment on is perfect for getting quick backlinks. Make sure to provide valuable content that actually adds to the current discussion on the blog entry. The great thing about these backlinks is they tend to get indexed by the search engines rather quickly compared to other types of links.

    The process of course can be sped up by utilizing paid tools or services to conduct mass blog commenting jobs, but be wary of resorting to such tactics. Mass backlinks pointing directly to the site can cause a Google dance in the rankings.

    2. Post on High PR Forums

    By registering for forums relevant to your site’s niche, you can get two types of backlinks. First of all, you can get a profile backlink from the link you include in your account’s “About Me” or “Biography” section. Then, another backlink can come from your forum signature that shows up at the bottom of every forum post you make.

    That’s why, similar to blog commenting, be sure to have legitimate input and posts in these forums so you won’t come off as a spammer just trying to get their link out there.

    3. Submit to Article Directories

    There are many article directories easily accessible such as Ezinearticles, so by writing your own informational articles or outsourcing to someone else, you can add a backlink pointing to your site at the end of the article or anywhere else the article directory allows.

    Article directories also have the added benefit of authority on the search engines so your articles can also rank high for long tail keywords. This helps generate traffic to the articles which can then turn into visitors to your main site.

    4. Create Web 2.0 Properties

    Web 2.0 properties are very popular. They’re another quick and easy source for backlinks. For a current list of the best web 2.0 properties to post to, check out While it might be quicker to simply make an account at these sites and only include a barely legible spun article, creating better quality web 2.0 properties is more ideal if possible. Add images, videos, and original content to these pages to improve the rate at which your properties stay up. Spammy looking pages and accounts are deleted every day by these sites.

    Tools can be utilized to create these much quicker, but try not to leave an easy to track footprint. Always create accounts with different usernames.

    5. Linkbait

    Now this way of backlinking can be very effective in generating a lot of backlinks and traffic in a short amount of time, but it’s either a hit or miss. Think of it as an art in itself. Generally, bloggers create a top 10 list, put together an interesting infographic, or a video on a hot recent topic on the internet that has potential for viral activity.

    A lot of these kinds of posts get picked up by social bookmarking sites such as Reddit or Stumbleupon, and if they catch enough attention, friends will share this article, creating the viral effect.

    Speed Things Up More?

    Of course, the list above can be sped up even more through various backlinking tools and SEO outsourcing services. At first, it’s best to try the backlinking manually on your on to see how things work from the ground up. That way, you’ll know how to properly run backlinking software without spammy the hell out of your site, and you’ll know how to instruct your outsourced workers.

    Don’t forget that with SEO it’ll take time to see results. Just keep building links and check your movement on the search engine results.
  16. bermuda

    bermuda New Member

    When it comes to local advertising, submission to directories and websites which are accessed by people near your business seem to be helpful. In fact, even if rankings of a certain website on main Google portal are not very bright but a lot of people in the cities in which the businesses are located find advertisements on and off the net about the portals, they would be visiting the sites quickly, even there would be better and higher chances of selling services to those eager net audience.

    Some big companies might even use catalogs, brochures, printed documents, commercials on TV and Radio to spread the word about their business and at the same time their admins would be making use of SEO solutions to gain better positions on top search engines and improving their net traffic shares. Local advertising, powered by local links, classified ads and blog comments can lead to lots of page views online. The results can be even better than international SEO solutions.
  17. che09

    che09 New Member

    All those strategies has their own benefit. Surely,you can do all those just follow the right way!
  18. singhaniaInt

    singhaniaInt Member

    Best Link Building Methods are

    Article submission
    Blog submission
    Classified submission
    PPT sharing
    Info-graphics submission
    Guest posting
    Forum profile creation
    Content posting
  19. Daniel Dixon

    Daniel Dixon New Member

    Sure This above tips will help on link building for local SEO.
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