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    30+ Facebook Games Apps $5

    Finally, You Now Have A Chance To Profit From Facebook's Multi-Billion Dollar Gaming Network With 30 FB Game Apps You Can Own & Resell Over & Over For 100% Profits Just Like Zynga, Makers of Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Cafe World That Generate Millions Of Dollars In Profits On Average In Any...
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    Premium Wordpress Theme Design

    We are going to be branching out more. I just wanted to show what all is possible. Obviously you did not notice very much. The widget areas are all different and there are many more possibilities. It really sounds like you were on a different page. The ones that have the horizontal and...
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    Premium Wordpress Theme Design

    We are now offering Premium Wordpress Theme Design. You can see some of our work at We can do what you need.
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    New to this and will probably ask lots of stupid questions

    I think there is way too much work involved the way you guys create websites. There are lots of programs out there that will write the css and more.
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    Where to start searching for webdevolpment projects

    Try the other forums out there. That is what I am doing. I am going to add my ad here when I get enough posts. No matter what they say, the economy is still soft for us from what I can see.
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    Showing Clients their Site

    I am doing custom wordpress themes and I put up working demos for them. These are not very easy to steal. You can use software that will encode sites to stop any editing being done.
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    What are options for a paid newsletter site?

    You can take wordpress and s2member and have a great membership website.
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    Share your favorite breakfast food today

    Biscuits and gravy, country ham, and 2 eggs. Made at a small diner.
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    CMS for video, maybe?

    You did not say what type of site you were using so I think I would go with Wordpress. It can handle all different formats of media. It uses php, mysql, and html. YOu can also get plugins to handle just about anythng you want to do.
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    Parse Error but no detectable problem?

    A parse error is usually punctuation or it can be a bad command. Go through and check your punctuation.
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    What programming languages should a vocational student be taught?

    Definitely Wordpress. This is the way whole industry is going. It also involves php, html, and javascript.
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    Have you guys read about the new features in CSS3? Now you will be able to use css to make set backgrounds that will expand just like in regular html. Why this took so long I do not have a clue. It also will only work with the newest browsers.
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    HTML email with discount code

    Mailchimp might be a solution for your problem. If it is coupon code why can't you use text with href to the site?
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    html comment box for free website

    The main problem with using this type of solution is that it is going to someone else's website. I always worry about the security of my website when I do this.