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    how important are directory for seo?

    Bit of an old thread but thought it was worth saying that it is still worth submitting your site to directories. Look for high page rank directories, localised if possible. You may need to pay for some listings but it's worth it if they are dofollows and they increase your page rank.
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    SEO Companies

    BrainchildGroup is right, beware of SEO companies guaranteeing top rankings. Instead look for SEO companies with a proven track record for delivering consistent results for their clients...request case studies and ask to see thier current search rank.
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    How to learn SEO marketing from basic to pro?

    Read viraciously, practice your skills on your website or on a test site and see how well your efforts are rewarded by google. Look up the keywords your targeting and see what those at the top have done to get there.
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    Review my site

    could make the top nav a bit more obvious
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    Take a look at

    Groovy..clean design, could be a bit more garish but I like it.
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    Please review New automobile search engine OOYYO

    Nice! Did you guys build it from the ground up or is it built on a private or open source framework?
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    review my

    There's a couple of things that make all the difference here...Title, Headings, Anchored Links and Keyword Density. No.1 - Title: Start with the keyphrase your targeting the most, then second, third. Try not to target too many keywords. 2-3 per page is good. No.2 - Headings: Make sure you...
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    Web Design and Development Blog

    Nice design. Header needs treatment - search box alignment for IE, overlapping blog nav. You might want to break up the content in the blog nav column, maybe use a <hr> or something to seperate the ads, categories etc. Other than that the content's interesting, everything else is peaches and...
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    A Question About Maintenance

    Joomla, Drupal and DotNuke may be too heavy for your requirements. I used to use Joomla for everything and have now switched to Wordpress. Wordpress is comparitively light, very easy to set up and use and has a vast module selection...Wordpress all the way!