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  1. orangecopper

    Created a new website and logo. I need your opinion!

    the idea looks good, typography can improve a bit more. try using modern web 2.0 fonts..
  2. orangecopper

    Bounce rate at 75%- How to increase it?

    You should be aiming at decreasing the bounce rate. To do that first of all, check your analytics data and look for "exit pages" and "time on site" find out what users donot like and which are those landing pages where people exit the website directly. Improve the content, quality of content...
  3. orangecopper

    Google Certifications

    yes mate, people do really care about it. Especially when you apply for a job they also like to take credit and sell the aspect that their employees are google certified..
  4. orangecopper

    Just created a new banner design for my site, what do you think?

    The banner looks good and so does the site too considering the fact it was built on the simplest but awesome wordpress free theme. If the image quality was a little better and it was litte more brighter, it would have been even cooler. I would recommend using a really dark banner or a really...
  5. orangecopper

    Is my website Useful?

    a site becomes useful to its intended readers or users. Think from the user point of view and a self assessment can easily be done to get an impression on the site by self. And basically if you are referring to a blog sharing just information, more informative and better organised the site is...
  6. orangecopper - grandfathers website

    Or you could try using some CMS like wordpress or joomla to try play around with different themes to change the look you desire. The one already on is looking a little ancient. cheers josh
  7. orangecopper

    Websites and SEO

    I guess you could search on google local search! i bet you will find all the SEO guys on the web - after all they are SEOs cheers Josh
  8. orangecopper

    Suddenly getting over 90 hits a day from the same person - Why?

    well said Zach, usually you could find such trends on wordpress blogs also by replytocomm bots trying to scan and add comments. such ips should be blocked from ISP level. cheers Josh
  9. orangecopper

    Is Alexa Site Audit Worth It?

    If you can get a copy of IBP - Internet business promoter, there is no other SEO expert software than that i my opnion. its helping me a LOT. cheers Josh
  10. orangecopper

    what web design software should i use?

    If its an installed PC application then i would suggest you to use DreamWeaver! cheers Josh
  11. orangecopper

    How to create a website & become a wordpress expert in 24hrs

    without any prior exposure, becoming a wordpress expert in 24 hours is a joke! cheers Josh
  12. orangecopper

    Search engine ranking changes when signed in to Google

    yes this is a regular scenario that i have observed too. basically even though it makes you happy for a minute, its pulling the results from the google web history feature. cheers Joshu
  13. orangecopper

    Need A Review...

    Hi Cloak, The Logo design is excellent. But the flash design you have used is pretty antique. Looks like a old template that used to be popular at times, give it more of a web 2.0 + look. cheers Josh
  14. orangecopper

    Hi to All

    welcome to WDF. hope you have a great time. cheers Josh
  15. orangecopper

    Pls review my Blogging Strategy website

    Hey Rob, your suggestion is really good, but i wanted to keep it simple by not using much images, maybe more like a info library. I will certainly try putting up images and look for feed back. Thanks again buddy. cheers Josh
  16. orangecopper

    Pls review my Blogging Strategy website

    Zach, Thanks a ton buddy for taking out sometime to really review my blog. I will certainly start working on one by one, ive made it each as action items. Since this is the initial month, i had plans to work on optimization and load weight. Your review certainly helped. Thanks again...
  17. orangecopper

    WDF found down many times

    Oh okay, That makes sense. Nyways, glad that there are no issues - wanted to just make sure. warm regards Josh
  18. orangecopper

    WDF found down many times

    My connection does not have any issues as per my knowledge, since i have been simultaneously working on many other websites and fourms. yes, they could check it up. warm regards Josh
  19. orangecopper

    Pls review my Blogging Strategy website

    I have tested the connection speed, it seems to load fine. I will work on the header suggestion you have given. Appreciate you taking out time for suggestions. thanks again josh
  20. orangecopper

    Wordpress: add links to site's header.

    to edit the header, you would need to edit the theme file called "header.php" simply paste the code of what HTML you want to add in the <head> section. cheers Josh