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  1. notarypublic

    Please help

    If you're too lazy to even pick a user name, not sure how you expect us to go out of our way to fix your code for you. Just saying.
  2. notarypublic

    Web Portfolio Opinions

    The light design does look pretty swell. Based on this site (and what you know/are learning) I don't think you'll have any problems finding work. I'd recommend considering Angular.js over Backbone, in my area companies have more or less all abandoned Backbone for Angular/Ember/what have you.
  3. notarypublic

    Review my design : am I on the right track ?

    Noticed this especially on your portfolio pages, but you're compressing images and it's affecting the experience for me: Your portfolio screenshots are 900x499 sized images, and they're being squeezed down to fit 560x310px on my macbook's...
  4. notarypublic

    can someone review our blog

    Was good for a laugh, at least
  5. notarypublic

    Horizontal Menu Cuurent Page Style

    Alternatively, you could set an id on <body> so that you can make other changes to a page's css, as needed (useful for when you have multiple templates' worth of CSS in one stylesheet) <body id='about'> // <--- set this with PHP ... <li class='home' ><a href="#">Home</a></li> <li...
  6. notarypublic

    Learning HTML & CSS with Codecademy?

    I urged a friend to try it, as a guinea pig of sorts - semi-savvy computer user with no programming experience. It worked out pretty well for him - he went from being a bicycle courier to moving out of state for a pretty good computer job in California. Your mileage may vary, but I've gone...
  7. notarypublic

    need a capture page made we have every thing you need.

    What if you had a capture page for a business for making people capture pages?
  8. notarypublic

    Best way to do quick pledge site?

    Check out LeadPages, it might be something useful for what you're doing.
  9. notarypublic

    Adobe Photoshop Sliced site design need help

    Based on what you're saying it sounds like you're a designer, not a developer. I would look into an adobe cloud membership - you can have dreamweaver for something to the tune of $6/month. Otherwise, consider looking for a freelancer who can build the HTML for you. Here we might help you learn...
  10. notarypublic

    Abobe Muse

    Asking a developer what they think of this would be like asking a designer what they think of Canva; great for inexperienced users, but professional designers/developers need professional tools to exact the kind of control they need.
  11. notarypublic

    Did anyone here become a freelance web designer without working at a web design firm?

    Hi, voodoochild - I feel there are many tracks to get into web development/design. To make a long story short, I think the best approach is as follows: Even a community college, 2 year program in web design will earn you the "student" title. For starting out, being able to bill yourself as a...
  12. notarypublic

    Help out a newbie

    Hi heroic, The problem is that you are trying to position two block-level elements in a container with a specified height. There are two aspects of CSS to consider: display, and float. Both of these articles should put you on the right track -
  13. notarypublic

    Angular.js best practice?

    Learning Angular.js for a few projects, but I'm finding the learning curve starts to get pretty steep as the apps become more complicated. Here is a UI module I've been building. I've used CSS3 animations where applicable, and jQuery for some vertical scrolling. It's very functional and...
  14. notarypublic

    People Hate My Logo

    As long as you're getting clients, I don't see the problem. If you think you would get more clients, then consider making a logo that potential clients would be attracted to. Otherwise, re-branding yourself needlessly could confuse the clients you have now (and potentially communicate...
  15. notarypublic

    separating an object from background

    Depends on what you need the final result for - if you need a vector out of it, I would use the pen tool. If you just need the selection, try doing a select by color - like so.
  16. notarypublic

    Logo Design For Travel Site

    Hi, Brandon! My first question after looking at your site was how you've managed to find a career that would let you travel for free - successful blogs are often written in a way that tells a story, and I think who you are/what you do helps define that narrative.
  17. notarypublic

    Need a Starting Place

    I'll mull this over and get back to you - If it's just something you'd love to use if it was available, I could see about making something and making it available (but I would be the one generating income from it). If you want it to be a business that you could be in ownership of, though, it...
  18. notarypublic

    Just found a design flaw on Facebook

    Good eye - is this cross-browser? I can't duplicate it in FF, haven't tried Chrome yet either.
  19. notarypublic

    Need a Starting Place

    I've more or less built something that can do these exact things (for web, tablet, and mobile). Are you interested in this from a business standpoint? As far as learning projects go, it took me the better part of a month at a previous contract to develop - and I knew what I was doing (most of...
  20. notarypublic

    Question: How could I accomplish this on my website?

    I've been working on a web app that could accomplish some of the things you're trying to do. Shoot me an email and we'll chat: [email protected]